FloripaSat-1 is on the news! – SpaceLab UFSC

In the latest weeks many journalists and magazine/television groups visited SpaceLab HQ in UFSC Florianópolis to know about the FloripaSat-1 mission’s development and objetives.


While most of the people that worked in the mission are not physically present in the laboratory daily any longer, the new and remaining members did their best to inform the main goals of FloripaSat-1 CubeSat.

Some reports are already available on Youtube, check them out below (only in portuguese):

Report made by Globo: https://globoplay.globo.com/v/8179207/


As the date of launch aproaches, SpaceLab will be receiving more visits and attention. Keep checking for FloripaSat-1 news in its own site by clicking here.

Everyone at SpaceLab thanks the teams for their coverage and commitment to spreading the mission to the rest of society.

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