Results Selective Process Subscriptions 2020-1 – SpaceLab UFSC

SpaceLab UFSC publishes the results of the first phase of the Selection Process 20.1, below are the names of the selected undergraduate candidates:

  • Guilherme Ludwig
  • Luiz Cláudio Macedo Januário
  • Bruno Cayres Messias
  • Guilherme Beck Lemos
  • Laís Lana de Pinho
  • Andrey Nezzi
  • João Guilherme Fritsche
  • Gustavo Maykel da Silva Seidel
  • Nicollas Squillante
  • Gabriel Orleans
  • Felipe Hugo Costa de Oliveira
  • Enzo Gomes Sônego
  • Gabriel Antonio Nalin Bettanin

If your name is above, you will receive an invitation via email to schedule your interview. The period for it to be held is from 10 to 12 March. If, in any case, you cannot find an ideal time for your assessment, send an email to with another available time, we will try to interview you even during unusual working hours at SpaceLab.

The next part of the selection process will consist of a brief interview of approximately 20 minutes and a challenge of the candidate’s choice, which may be in the software, hardware or mtm part. The other challenges in other areas (GRS, MEC, AIT) will be complementary, more details will be described below. The time to complete the challenges of the software and hardware area may extend to 25 minutes.

The challenges for each area are listed below:

Software (SW)

The candidate will have to demonstrate basic knowledge in programming in the preparation of 3 programs and in the use of the git tool, a computer with a Linux operating system will be available. The three programs should do the following tasks:

1. Print the first 10 even natural numbers;

2. Write a function that takes a natural number n and returns the factorial of n;

3. Write a function that receives a list of integers and a number. The function should return “Y” if the element is contained in the list and “N” if it is not.

The programs can be developed in the desired programming language, but preference will be given to those that were developed in the C language, the most used in SpaceLab UFSC.

When using git the candidate will have to know how to create a local directory with his name for identification, synchronize with a remote directory present in GitLab (link will be sent via email to gain access), make the commits of each program completed or even where it was possible to develop and request the merge in the master branch of the repository. In the case of the software challenge, commits will have to be made to the dev_software branch and not directly to the master.

Hardware (HW)

The candidate will have to demonstrate basic knowledge in soldering few components “through hole” in a PCB, final elaboration of a project in Altium Designer and in the use of the git tool. The candidate can choose to do the welding or design task in Altium Designer or both.

In the welding activity a bench with all the necessary tools will be available, and for the activity in Altium a computer with Windows 7 operating system with version 17.0 of the software.

The altium designer project to be completed will have some parts already ready, the goal is that it is completed until the layout part on the PCB.

For the hardware challenge, the steps to be taken when using git are similar, just changing the branch to be used for the commits that will be dev_hardware.

Suggested tutorial to be followed on Altium Designer, in the videos it is made in version 18.1 but it is very similar to 17.0:

For both software and hardware challenges, it will be evaluated not only the successful completion of tasks, but the way they were done or how solutions were sought on their own, asking as few times as possible. Direct plagiarism from the internet or another candidate will be disqualifying.

MTM (Marketing and Talent Managment)

The candidate will have to make a short presentation of 15 minutes on SpaceLab for the evaluators present. Oratory, content used and addressed and creativity will be evaluated. The presentation can be made on slides if you prefer, in which case a projector will be available. The candidate should preferably bring his own computer to make the presentation, if it is not possible, it should be notified in advance via email

GRS, MEC, AIT (GroundStation, Mechanical and Assembly, Integration and Tests)

In these areas, some questions will be asked about each one. The candidate must read as much information as he finds relevant. It will be evaluated to what extent information was sought and deepened in the subjects. These questions will be asked during the short interview stage.

We want to thank everyone for participating, any questions please contact us via email.

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