Selective Process 2020-1 – SpaceLab UFSC

The Space Technology Research Laboratory at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (SpaceLab UFSC) opens the selection process for the first half of 2020.


We are looking for 5 new undergraduate or postgraduate members from the various engineering and computer science of the Florianópolis campus to be part of the laboratory, and have the opportunity to compete in the CubeSat category at the 3rd CubeDesign edition, which will take place in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, from the 29th to the 31st of July.

Most recent project completed by SpaceLab UFSC: CubeSat 1U FloripaSat-1
From left to right: Laio Oriel Seman, Edemar Morsch Filho and Eduardo Augusto Bezerra

(Integration and Testing Laboratory, São José dos Campos, 09/30/19)

It is desirable, but not mandatory: basic knowledge in programming (preferably C / C ++), microprocessors, digital circuits, hardware description language, instrumentation (oscilloscope, multimeter, sources), Hardware (soldering, PCB design and testing), analog electronics and reading / writing in English.


Graduation students should fill out the following google forms:


It will have a section for attachment of the Curriculum Vitae and Motivational Letter, both must be sent in PDF format. The letter must have at least 25 lines.


For graduate students, contact the coordinating professor of SpaceLab directly via e-mail:


The schedule for the graduation selection process is as follows:


  • March 2 to 7: Registration period via Google Forms
  • March 8 to 9: Registration results, scheduling and interview details
  • March 10 to 12: Conducting the interviews
  • March 13: Result of the selection process and face-to-face registration of the team


The details of the challenge will be sent via email on March 8.


For more information about CubeDesign, access the link:

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